Arabdha Sudhir is currently sharing her daily life perspectives of the MIM program through the  IE MIM Experience facebook page. This is her review of the program experience after the first core period is over since September 2013 when she started her Master in Management.

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The truth is you’re always out of time! The first term of MIM doesn’t leave you with much of it at times. Madrid and the sudden transitions bring in changes that go much beyond your expectation and comprehension at times.

If I were to do a rerun of my experience, for the first few hours, it felt like ET in the human world . But then it got interesting. The class was competitive, diverse and had the finest set of students I had known! You could sit through a class and listen to the most interesting comments on the most diverse subjects.

I met business guys, interior designers,architects,singers,athletes,techies,philosophers,venture capitalists and entrepreneurs -and somehow, all of us were under the same roof –trying to figure out our lives, doing the exact same things amidst different degrees of confusion!

My background in business was next to nothing when I started. But today the articles of FT make sense to me, I get why the 4Ps are essential to a firm and how artfully economics is a part of all of our lives! I also completely comprehend why IE constantly underlines the importance of thinking like an entrepreneur.

Blending into the Spanish loca is easy. The Spaniards with their easy going generosity and don’t care nonchalance are easy to take in the breathes art and culture. The tapas,pinchos and tinto way of life is almost infectious and easy to blend into.

What Madrid lacks in its economy, it more than makes up for in its quality of life. The other day I was speaking to a classmate of mine and was quite intrigued when he said that he would pick Madrid over every other city to stay and settle in! The more I reflect on this, the more I agree.

And when I came down here, I had this all consuming singular thought in my head-“To see, learn and experience”-not just with my own perspective,but will the million other myriad perspectives that inhabited and comprised the diversity in the IE ecosystem.

Of late, people have been asking me through ‘MIM Experience’ on whether IE MIM is a good choice for them. Whether given the economy and language barriers, it would be a wise choice to come down here !

To this I have the one universal Management answer-“It depends on what you’re looking for from your life”.

I remember the Dean’s speech from the day of the orientation. To make the most of the program, you have to allow it to break you and change you! And more than anything, you should volunteer for the change!”

Come to IE-because if you allow yourself to be changed, you will learn to see the world with forty different perspectives, each almost as unique and as beautiful as your own! Come because you’ll learn to and you’d appreciate thinking for yourself and because you appreciate being a truly ‘global citizen’ of an ever changing world!

And for those of you, who seek adventure, come here because in the end, you’d end up living in a truly wonderful city which will- in spite of all its flaws and quirkiness will earn an important space in your life.

The thing with MIM is-‘life goes on a super fast track mode here’ and sometimes you go-“Did this happen just yesterday?!” .And three months seem the action equivalent of a normal monotonous year.

I wish I could crystal gaze into the future…But even without doing so, I can tell you that the ten months down here, will give you tons of wonderful memories and friends to hold on to.

Life too is a lot like a start up and can go either way depending on the calls you make. And it takes a lot of time, energy and the right ecosystem to make the perfect ones!”