This post was written by Yuriy Kotikov, a current student of the Master in Management February 2014 intake 

“On January 31st the scenery around María de Molina, 11 resembled the famous intro of ´Reservoir Dogs´ movie with crowds of young people walking confidently down the street in stylish business suits. But no need to worry – unlike the movie, no robbery or other crimes were committed. It was the opening ceremony of one of the most prestigious and top-ranked business education programs – Master in Management in IE Business School.

The most popular question you could hear that day after becoming acquainted was “Where are you from?” No wonder – people from all around the world with completely different backgrounds, culture and native languages came to Madrid to fulfill their dreams and reach common goals of expanding the network, gaining international experience, mastering business knowledge and skills, and simply enjoying this challenging once-in-a-lifetime experience. It seems that, besides IE, the only place you can find that geographical and cultural diversity is the assembly of international organizations, like the UN.

The ceremony started with the concise, but very inspiring speech of the President of IE University and Dean of IE Business School Santiago Iñiguez, who described IE as “unusual school with unusual people”. Mr. Iñiguez bid everyone to remain humble, modest and open, to think big and always to keep in mind, that ultimately, like Socrates once said, we know nothing. Therefore it is crucial never to stop learning.


Then Martin Boehm, Dean of Programs at IE Business School, had the floor with the energizing message not to be afraid to make wrong decisions and to think outside the box to avoid dead ends during the IE experience.

Kiron Ravindran, Associate Dean of Master in Management Programs, explained the IE experience in even more detail – you cannot achieve breakthroughs without first being broken down, and it is important to let IE “break in” for students to fully realize the program’s potential.

The ceremony was followed by the motivational and admirable speech of Alessia Di Domenico, Director of Career Education & Career Advising, who brought to light the importance of the hidden job market, as the majority of vacancies are usually not advertised and therefore it is important to expand and leverage your network to make a successful career.

Several remarks were added by Nita Swinsick, Senior Associate Director of Admissions Department, who told the new master candidates how diversified the whole intake is – people from more than 60 countries with backgrounds from economics to philosophy and amazing hobbies – from professional musicians to jockeys and even magicians!

And finally, Sebastian Samson, IE Business School MIM Program Alumni, shared his experience and reminded everyone that the program is not only about hard work and great intellectual exertion, but also about having fun, making new friends and travelling, as there are a lot of chances to make your experience even more international.

After the small coffee break the students met the program administration and had a chance to learn more about the up-coming ten months experience and to get to know each other better – the first assignment was to make a short interview with a classmate you don’t know yet and to present him or her to the class.

The official part ended with the Case Method session, where students were given the opportunity to better understand the methodology of solving complex problems through cases. And, what is more important, it was the first attempt to work in teams, as teamwork is one the basic fundamentals of IE and the MIM program.

After the ceremony everyone, already in the status of classmates, had a chance to relax from the great excitement of the day in bars and pubs around the school, feeling that the coming months were sure to be a life-changing experience.”


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