Patricia Ocaña Alumni

In only a few years, Patricia Ocaña Rivas has gone from rubbing elbows with fellow Master in Management students to posing for pictures with Iker Casillas.

The Venezuelan-born alumna currently works at Procter and Gamble, where she works in the Marketing department, as a Mass Media Manager for Brand Building. Patricia works to analyze customer and shopper experiences for select brands, including Head & Shoulders and, through the use of mass media, to parlay a positive brand experience into customer loyalty and eventually, increased market share.

Patricia came to visit the Master in Management students as a speaker in the Executive Insights Series guest lectures series. She shared her educational and professional experiences, explain the pros and cons of Paid Media, Earned Media and Owned Media, and how to best deploy marketing touch points—different methods or modes of contact between a company and the consumer.

So where does Iker Casillas fit in? Patricia won an award for Proctor and Gamble’s Best Brand Plot for her work in developing a campaign for Head and Shoulders starring the athletic super star.  


2 thoughts on “From MIM Student to Executive Insights Series lecturer

  1. Renee Rivas

    So proud of you!

  2. Jose Saez

    We worked in two team works. She was a sharp and really creative person.
    Wish you the best!!!

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