IE’s passion for entrepreneurship has materialized in Area 31, an inspiring space that hosts the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that surrounds IE Business School, and that is managed by the IE Center for  Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Area 31 can accommodate up to 200 startup teams per annum. It hosts teams of IE students, which are trying to implement their ideas as part of the Venture Lab or the  Knowledge Incubator, as well as teams of IE Alumni that are incubating their own startups.  All teams are invited to present in front of investors at the Venture Network, and at our  grand international demo-days: The Venture Days.

Furthermore, selected investors use Area 31 as their office, working side by side with  our entrepreneurs. The team of the IE Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation also  collaborates in the Spain Startup Co-Investment Fund and corporate partners such  as Accenture or Telefónica receive assistance from IE in their pursuit of promoting entrepreneurship.