The Career Immersion Week at IE Business School 2014 is an opportunity for Master in Management students to continue their career development in an intensive format, free of regular classes.

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Post written by Wyatt Link, current student of September 2013 intake. 

I liken my job search to shoe shopping on Calle de Fuencarral. I am navigating a huge maze of different options and offers. 50% here, buy one get one there, and of course loyalty cards that promise future discounts. In the same sense, being a Master in Management student and searching for a career can be quite confusing. There are huge companies that offer future benefit such as leadership programs, there are smaller companies that offer the energy of a start-up, or even medium-sized companies that offer relocation allowances. So as with the shops on the street, how do you choose which job offer and career is best for you? After all, the job offer you accept will last longer than those new shoes from El Ganso, or so you hope.

Luckily, being a Master in Management student here at IE, the program management has provided me with a wonderful range of tools and opportunities to discover what it is that I want, and how to go and get it. Career Immersion Week is a weeklong series of events and presentations that help orient students to the job search and apply the necessary tools to be a savvy job shopper. One of my favorite presentations was Interviewing, given by Gerardo Seelinger, which is an excellent seminar on how everything from your posture and body language to the words you use when speaking about your previous experience can impact the perception of recruiters. Another very practical presentation was given by, Jose Estevez, on how to maximize your usage of Linked-In. Learning these tools allows us to stand out when competing for a job offer.

Shoes from El Ganso Wyatt Link

Going beyond practical skills such as interviewing, building a personal brand, or elevator pitches, the program management has partnered with multiple companies to come on campus and give presentations. These companies represent a wide range of industries, from start-ups in synthetic energy (Verdis) or talent acquisition (Tyba) to industry giants in food service (Burger King) or luxury goods (Richemont Group). I really enjoyed the chance to talk to executives from these companies and understand exactly what type of candidate they are looking for, and how to take the next steps in the application process.

This entire week allowed me to acquire the tools necessary and leverage on the opportunities presented to me to go beyond the normal job search and delve into different careers that I really am interested in. Upon completion of the Career Immersion Week I was able to try on a few different options and discuss with the companies what the culture and opportunities would be like if I pursued a career with them. If the job search is like shopping for shoes, the Master in Management program at IE helps you to find the perfect fit.



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