Blog post by Antoine Abi Kanaan, MIM current student September 2013 intake
Photos property of Jacek Loewe, MIM current student September 2013 intake

“A trip not soon forgotten”

LBS - IE Sep 2014“During my MIM, I attended the immersion week at LBS in London, in what was a 3-day exchange that was easily one of the year’s highlights. Indeed, I was able to meet great people and made a lot of new friends and connections, not only from LBS, but from the Stockholm School of Economics as well. As you can therefore imagine, it was a very enriching experience where we got to exchange business knowledge, experiences and views with a very interesting and diverse group of people. Putting the great networking opportunity aside, the activities we partook in during the exchange were in themselves unforgettable.

After the welcoming barbeque on Wednesday evening, held on the beautiful lawn of the LBS campus (the burgers were truly great!), we went out for a beer at the university pub, where we took the time to catch-up with the colleagues we had met at IE, and to meet those we had just encountered.

The next morning, we attended a very refreshing and inspirational talk by a great speaker. This was followed by what I found to be an extremely interesting lecture on African economies and doing business I Africa. And speaking of memorable event, we visited the next day the HQ of Thomson Reuters in Canary Wharf and, to everybody’s surprise, English football legend Sol Campbell just happened to be signing his autobiography right next to us! Some of the bigger football fans even got his book and took a picture with the man. Followed a visit to the London stock exchange and to top it all off, an incredible dinner of the HMS Belfast, on the river Thames! Truly, it was an unforgettable experience and my only regret was that it ended too soon.”

LBS - IE Sep 2014 1London Bridge


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