Charles Louis alumnusCharles-Louis Stinglhamber

Master in Management alumnus, Class of 2012

Currently: Transport Specialist at AB Inbev

What were you doing before the MIM and what were your main reasons for pursuing the MIM?

“Before joining the MIM I did a bachelor degree in marketing and had various professional experiences. I started in a global paint supplier as a market researcher in the UK. Then I moved to the US where I worked in an NGO promoting human rights by doing advocacy work at the UN, and after 6 month I left to join the communication team of a global Asset Manager in Switzerland for a year. The MIM was the perfect way to complete my operational background with technical skills and a broader understanding of the economic and financial environment.”


What did you do during the MIM? Exchange, venture lab, student clubs, etc.

“I focused as much as I could on all activities directed towards entrepreneurship. Although I had already my own project in Brussels and didn’t feel like presenting it in the internal competition, I participated actively to every event and conferences and learned a lot. We also went to London for a 1-week Exchange program with London Business School focused on Global Markets where we followed lectures from top players in the academical and corporate world. This was a great opportunity for us to network with the students and teachers of the MIM and MIF programs there.”

Define the MIM program and experience briefly.

“The MIM is the perfect program for those who want to develop a good understanding of the internal structure of a business and its relationship with its micro and macro economic environment. It is a good background for both future entrepreneurs and employees who want to be successful.”

 What are you doing at the moment?

“Right after graduating, I joined AB Inbev as a Transport Specialist and have been in that position since then. I sit in the head office in Leuven, Belgium as a member of the Transport team within the Logistics Support department, as part of the broader Supply organization. I am mainly in charge of bringing visibility on our operational and financial performance by setting up new KPI’s, building the Transport budget and coordinating the tracking and monitoring activities at Zone level with our operational and financial teams. My team counts 6 people and I have 3 indirect reports.”

How did the MIM contribute in your career development?

“The MIM gave me the confidence to claim my place in the corporate world and is for a big part responsible for getting me the job I have now at AB Inbev. Without it I would have joined the company at a lower level – if my CV would have passed the screening – and would have taken 2 years to get where I am now. In addition, I learned a lot about myself and I am sure most of the decisions I have taken since then are the consequence of the maturity I gained during my year at IE.”

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