Hello, my name is Rawan Alsaraf, from Kuwait.

I am a Master in Management September 2013 intake doing Dual specialization including being from the first intake of the new IMC specialization and later sales and marketing.

I chose IE for my post grad-education not only because it was a school known for it’s diverse student body but also for the numerous different extra curriculum activities. As a show jumper enthusiast my love for horses could not be left behind, so I brought it with me to Madrid. Founding the IE equestrian Club and taking a vital role as it’s President. I had the privilege to work with a club that provides classes in English under the hands of trainers accredited with the top certifications of the FEI, Afines cde.

This Friday, Afines, will be creating a Halloween themed competition in order to raise money for a charitable event, an event that has been crucial to Madrid. The ebola viruis.

To send funds to Africa where scientists and doctors are risking everything in order to make this world a safer place for all of us. Any contribution could make that possible. For any inquires please feel free to contact me via Ralsaraf.mm2014@alumni.ie.edu or the club’s email equestrian.club@ie.edu


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