IE MIM Experience 2015

Since the launch of the IE MIM Experience Facebook page back in 2013 the community followers have enjoyed the insights from our currents students and learned more about the life at the IE Business School MIM! To start this new year 2015 with the right foot, please meet the new IE MIM Experience students Francisco, Clara, Alejandra, Mohit and Andrés from the September 2014 intake. They will be sharing their IE experience with you!

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Since the announcement, the new students have been introducing themselves, and this is what they are saying:


“Hello!! This is Clara Albertí. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays with friends and family very much and that you are now refreshed for what’s coming this second semester! I will be following up the IE MIM Experience page from now on along with four other mates!! I’m very happy to be starting this new adventure with you all. The first trimester was awesome, full of new and amazing experiences and people!! Can’t wait to see what this one will bring! I’ll share it all with you!!! Let’s make an unforgettable 2015 together!!”


“I am Mohit Joshi and me along with my other 4 MIM buddies will be sharing our experience here at IE with all of you! Just a short introduction about myself. I am from Mumbai, India and have done B.E. in Biotechnology. I was then working with Accenture for almost 3 years as an SAP procurement consultant. And now here I am at IE doing the MIM. Its been an amazing 1st Sem here at IE and Madrid, and there is more to follow. We will keep you posted about all the latest happenings at IE and Madrid.”


“Hola a todos!!! Mi nombre es Andres Carlberg, soy mexicano y actual estudiante del MIM. Junto con otros 4 compañeros estaré compartiendo mi vida diaria en el IE! Espero poderles transmitir de la mejor manera está gran experiencia! ‪#‎LifeAtIE‬


“Hi everyone! My name is Javier, currently a MIM student. I am a Spanish guy, concretely from Valencia. We will show you the core of IE, how we live here, and how we are having such an incredible experience.If you think that you have seen everything about IE, just wait…We will impress you! Let´s start together a new wonderful year! ‪#‎ieMIM‬