Post by Master in Management current student José Manuel Martinez 

I remember when I received the letter of acceptance from IE. We were told that sleep would be a luxury for all activities and projects in which we would have the opportunity to participate, and this was true! This week a new part of the Executive Insight Series (EIS) took place. This Series provides students frequent opportunities to hear from national and international business leaders about their careers and the challenges of their industries. The EIS adds a new dimension to the educational experience at IE, allowing students to learn firsthand from business leaders, political analysts and entrepreneurs.

Thus far, we have had the following:

  1. Félix Moreno- Trader & Portfolio Manager, RF Trading About Bitcoin

  2. Fernando Rivero-  CEO Ditrendia about Marketing e Internet

  3. Humberto Santillana- PArtner Grand Thornton About  Corporate finance

  4. Benjamin Miller- Director Global Communication Actyvos About Sports Management

  5. Jordi Aguilar Juan Manuel Restrepo- Morillas About Design Management for Branding

  6. Andrew Stott- ProHireMe About his Career in Consultancy

On this occasion we welcomed Andrew Stott. Andrew has developed his career in the financial world, becoming Director of Oliver Wyman for Europe and Partner in PWC. Currently, he belongs to the Board of Administration of Oliver Wyman, Bluecap, and is involved in several activities as an entrepreneur and business angel. His latest project is called ProHireMe, a platform  that It is your “all in one”, interactive advice and planning tool, guiding you all the way from targeting your job to accepting your job offer. IE students enjoy priority treatment.  The Aula Magna was packed when Mr. Stott began talking about career in consulting in whom he has a deep knowledge due to his past experiences. The presentation was divided into three parts:

  •  What is consulting?
  • Getting hired
  • Career development

In the first part, we learned about consulting projects and the different types of consulting firms. “Because consulting is like surgical intervention” It is external, problem-solving, trust-based, transactional, client-facing, time-sensitive and value adding. According to Mr. Stott for getting hired it is fundamental to train, and follow next important steps:

  1. Target
  2. Research
  3. Apply
  4. Interview
  5. Negotiation

In addition, your background is essential whereby IE Business School provides you a differentiating element because If you study at IE Business School you belong to the 1.1% of the best applicants. In some consulting firms, it is a requirement to study at one of the best business school for instance at IE, in order to get hired”.

Finally, Mr. Stott talked about career development and the specific skills that you need to develop a successful career in consultancy, such as: analysis, research, structuring and written communication, time management, prioritization, presentation, team management, project management, client management and networking. Also you need to be aware of the pros and cons of the consultancy profession like:

  •  Pros: Variety, great traning, senior involvement, people, money
  • Cons: Long hours, time pressures, personal time squeezed

 This EIS was in the best moment because four days after, IE was honored with the presentation of Mckinsey that was held on IE campus, where we could know more about Mckinsey’s culture and solve our concerns  in order to apply.


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