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IE Brazil Club promotional flyer

Post written by Master in Management current student Mauro Rafaelli Castilhos
The IE Brazil Club organized the IE Brazil Day to give a perfect opportunity to the IE students to learn a little more about the Brazilian labor market and also to better understand the economic scenario in Brazil.
After long months of negotiation with the speakers, the club managed to bring to IE 3 speakers to present Brazil from a wider and three different perspectives.
Patricia Volpi was representing Gnext, a company in the talent search industry. She presented the company and their relationship with Brazilians companies looking for MBA and Master Students graduated in European universities.
 After Patricia, Professor Marcos Troyjo presented his current research and findings on the BricLab at Columbia University. He also talked about his several works outside the university, including his participation in advisory boards and his work as press secretary at the Brazilian Mission to the United Nations in New York.
To end the Brazil day, the final presentation was made by Eno Polo, actual President of Alpargatas EMEA region.
Eno started the presentation of Alpargatas and their most famous product, the Havaianas sandals. He explained the history of the expansion to the European market and the main challenge in the implementation of his strategy.
Customers in Brazil are rally different from European customers. Eno explained with concrete examples this main points of differentiation and also some curious facts about the several meetings he had with the Brazilian board members. He had to persuade and gain their support to modify the current market entry strategy in order to adapt it to the European market.
If you are interested in Eno Polo and his role in Alpargatas , you can watch the video of his presentation to IE students who attended this event.