Post by Maria Fernanda Motta (MIM Admissions team) 

The MIM February 2015 intake has officially commenced!

The Open Ceremony was celebrated with insightful speeches by IE directors and an alumni success story.
Kiron Ravindran, Associate Dean, Tino Elgner, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Amber Wigmore, Executive Director of Career Services, Julia Sanchez Head of Alumni Relations, and Manuel Gener, Master in Management Alumni were the speakers for the day.  With hope and enthusiasm they shared their experiences and how IE gives you the tools to change in all aspects of life.
One of the highlights of the day was Manuel Gener a Master in Management alumni Class of 2012.  He shared his experiences with the Master in Management class of 2016 about his IE journey. Manuel stressed on the power of hard work and dedication. Also, the importance of communication in a world with such diversity is another key to success.  Manuel, is now working for one of the largest and most important consulting firms in the world.

“Tomorrow does not look like yesterday”



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