Interviewer: Nay Carla Farid Moussa – MIM Ambassador
Interview with Horacio Fernández del Castillo – MIM Current Student



1. Name, background, what you´re going to specialize in, why you´re doing the MIM.
Horacio Fernández del Castillo, architect. Specialization: International Business. I am doing the MIM to complement my technical studies with business concepts that can help me foster a successfull international career.

2. So you´re nearly done with First term. What did you think? Was it what you expected? How was the experience?
It was as much work as I had expected, albeit I was expecting to struggle more to understand the main concepts used in class. Every professors adapted the syllabus so that each of us got a clear understanding of every subject, without unnecessary rushes that could leave some of us, that lacked a business background, behind. It did not happen.

3. How was it like in your work group? What did you learn from working in such a team?
Working in a group is always challenging. Different cultures have different ways of organizing the work, in terms of deadlines, collaboration… Interesting experience

4. What is your best memory from this term?

Several memories come to mind, it is difficult to pick just one. At IE you meet great people so most of the spent with them (outside class, mainly, as you can imagine) is bound to be great.

5. Biggest accomplishment youve achieved this term?
Keeping up with the course, founding the Emerging Markets Club, getting the License for organising an awesome TEDxIEUniversityMadrid and hanging out intensively with my new friends… without dying of exhaustion in the meanwhile.

6. And other then studying, how have you been enjoying your free time in Madrid and Spain?
You can imagine. Not related with textbooks in any way.

7. What advice do you give to students coming in to join the MIM to succeed and have a good time in their first term?
Get involved. The only way of making the best out of this experience is by getting utterly involved: work your best, network to the fullest, attend every single lecture that you deem interesting (one of the best things about IE).


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