Written by Kirsten LaBarge (Current Student & Ambassador MIM September 2014 class)

After a week of back-to-back finals in March, our section was more than ready for a drink or two. So, naturally, we organized our long-held two-term tradition of going for burritos and margaritas following our last final exam. The second term was officially over and so was the section we had been a part of for the previous seven months. It was a bit strange thinking how we would no longer be in the same room with the same people. After the break, everyone will be starting their specializations with new classmates. However, after a couple margaritas, we simply enjoyed the start of a well-deserved break in good company.

Some of us went off on trips around Europe and some stayed in Spain for the break. However, many of us finished Semana Santa with a trip to a friend’s country house in a town nearby Valencia. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, we had a fantastic time just hanging out with each other and eating great food (like home cooked paella, of course). The nice weather meant we got to spend plenty of time outside, whether just sitting and soaking up the sun or going for a little nature hike. It was a part of Spain and an experience I never would have had if it hadn’t been for my incredible friends at IE.

Now that spring break has ended, we have just started our specializations. And while I’m still adjusting a bit to the change, I’m certainly looking forward to what’s ahead (minus all the job applications).




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