We are thrilled to present the new MiM Games 2015, loaded with new and exciting surprises.

What´s on the menu?

On Thursday and Friday night we will have a cocktail to relax, talk and enjoy Madrid´s pleasant night.

On Friday, you will be able to participate in a real life graphic adventure game! A real challenge in which you will travel in time through 6 different moments in history, from a laser battle to a self-build canoe trip or a choreography from the 60´s… All in teams and with lots of fun.

On Saturday we will once again go to the countryside to enjoy a capea in a true Spanish style with a barbecue (vegetarian as well), with a pool to cool off during the warmest hours of the day and a fabulous ending party: An open bar live band concert, where you and your best friend or group will be for one night the rock star on the stage with a professional video of the performance included!

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2 thoughts on “MiM Games 2015!

  1. How to study in IE Business School?
    What should be prepared?
    I’m from Indonesia

  2. MIM Games sounds fab! Hope they’ll be doing one this year.:D

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