Madrid, April 2015.- Carlos Mateos and Vlad Roibu, who make up the Universite team, will receive scholarships to study a Master in Management program of IE Business School. The remaining finalist projects were Chef4U, Livinplans, Urban Campus and Misuperabuelo, the latter being the project that received the most votes from the public.

Ana Morgade presented the event, revealing a series of surprises that the organization team had prepared for a workshop that was broadcast live via streaming. Coach Pau García-Milá shared his experience and insights with the finalists and the audience. “In the world of innovation failure is a frequent occurrence and success is pretty unusual” said García-Milá, underscoring the fact that young entrepreneurs should not be afraid to fail. “We should all try to assume the concept of failure in a positive way, and learn how to “take a fall” gracefully.”

María Benjumea, President of Spain Startup, Juan José Güemes, President of IE Business School’s Center for Entrepreneuship and Innovation, Natalia Pedrajas, President in Madrid of Global Shapers, Carolina Sala, Adjunct General Director of Continuous Learning and Entrepreneurship for Madrid’ regional authorities, and Eva Tormo, Managing Director of the Canal Foundation, made up the judges panel, which voted Universite as the best project. Universite is a platform that captures talent among university students by grouping events according to the interests of each user and notifying them on a personalized basis of when each event is set to take place. The system enables companies to select the best candidates based not only on their academic profile, but also on what they do to channel their potential into their preferred field.

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