By Andres Carlberg, current Master in Management student at IE Business School


Vacation time was upon us and I had no plan in sight, I had to do something about it to have a good time. Still a lots of places to visit left and right, but the plan I chose was pretty prime… Hopefully my impression of Dr. Seuss has got you interested on how easy and fast it is to plan a great trip with friends while studying at IE Business School. My name is Andres Carlberg, proud Mexican currently studying my Master in Management at the IE Business School.

I was two days away from Easter week brake and I had no idea of what to do. Most of my Spanish friends where going to home for the holidays to be with their families, and those who weren’t had bought airplane tickets to places I had already visited with my family.

However, I have always been curious to explore the French Coast. I decided there was no better way to spend my week off from IE Business School than to travel around the Blue Coast with one of my close friends in the MIM, Lucas, from Panamá. I quickly bought the airplane tickets for Lucas, a friend of Lucas who was in Europe visiting him, and myself.

The plan was to arrive to Nice and travel around the Blue Coast without schedule or prior reservations. Each day we decided where we wanted to go the next day. So we figured out a system in which we would get to a place and first thing we did was research what other city was near us, buy train tickets and rent an apartment in the city for the following day. Once we did this, we could enjoy the day and night in the current city we were in.

First we arrived to Nice which is a beautiful city, had a good dinner and spent the night “bar hopping”. There is not much of a night life and we just stayed one night, but the town is “Nice” to see. Bad joke.

Second place in our agenda was Monaco. Once we arrived we realized why the taxis in Nice told us “the young and poor have a Porsche in Monaco”. I have seen some yachts during my life, but nothing compared to those you see in Monaco. Beautiful city with beautiful (wealthy) people. My gambling experience in the famous Monte Carlo Casino lasted a few minutes and a lot of lost euros. Although it is expensive, the view and atmosphere were worth the two night stay.

Third place was Marseille. Big change of scenery after leaving Monaco. We headed directly to the port and walked around it, which is pretty cool. Also had the opportunity to see the prison Alexandre Dumas got inspired with to write “The Count of Monte Cristo”, which was a great surprise. Stayed there for one night.

Fourth place ended up being the famous Saint Tropez, and it lived up to the hype. Luckily we arrived the night in which “party season” started and we went to the opening of a new night club. Needless to say it is also very expensive, but very worthwhile as well. Stayed for one night, but I wouldn´t have been opposed on staying for the whole summer.

Fifth and last place was Cannes. We arrived at Cannes and got to see the famous film theatre, as well as most of the beautiful city. We spent two nights there, the first one to party one last time during our trip. The second one was completely used for recovery and damage control. Damage which kept building up during all of our nights out.

We finally arrived in Madrid, and although it was one of the best trips I´ve done in my life, there is no place like Madrid. There is no place like home.


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