Alvaro Gallizo1. What have you done before starting the MIM programme?

Before joining the MIM I did a degree in Business Administration and Management. During my last year at the university I heard really good references about the MIM at the IE and that is the main reason I’m here today.


2. What academic and professional experiences would you highlight?

I think the best experience I had as a student was my Erasmus year in Belgium. I discovered how different the university could be. It opened my mind and it was definitely an enriching experience. Also, I had the opportunity to meet many people from different countries and I still keep in touch with some of them. With regards to my professional experience, I truly appreciate the internship I did in an insurance firm because it gave me a very practical knowledge of accounting software, which is very used among multinational companies.


3. What expectations do you have in the short term? And what about the long term?

I would like to work in a foreign country for a multinational Spanish company. I think it would be a good training. I see myself working here in Spain in a position related with financial advising, but we’ll see what happens…


4. What do you think about entrepreneurship? Are you an entrepreneur?

Before starting the MIM I didn’t consider myself an entrepreneur, but once I started the programme ideas flew more easily because of the atmosphere you are surrounded by. Moreover, I am developing a project at the IE Venture Lab with a classmate I meet at the beginning of the programme.


5. What do you think about social responsibility?

Nowadays corporate social responsibility is a very important part of the image that a company projects to the world. The ones that lead the investment rate in this area usually have a competitive edge vis-à-vis their competitors.


6. Are you an innovative person?

Markets today are very competitive, which is why companies need to innovate as if they don’t, they will stay behind. Innovation is the only way to stand out. The same thing happens in the labour market. Young professionals need to adapt to this new scenario and, to do so, innovation is key.


Interviewer: Almudena Sáenz Soria (student of the MIM February 2015 intake)










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