On June 11th 2015, IE Business School along with 22 different country clubs had the pleasure to celebrate the diversity of the school with the 9th Edition of the Global Village.

Global Village is an annual event organized by IE students in cooperation with the IE Net Impact Club and IE Campus Life. The event showcases IE’s diversity through food, performances and arts and crafts prepared by various country clubs.

This year ́s event hosted approximately 450 participants including IE students, faculty, and IE collaborators. The event also featured performances by various country clubs, including presentations by Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, India, Lebanon, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Salsa Club, Colombia, and IE Faculty of Music.  By a show of applause, Colombia was the winning performance.  The Colombia club showcased mapalé and cumbia – traditional dances.  

The funds raised by this year’s edition, approximately €9,300, will be used to fund the next Social Responsibility Forum, an international congress organized by the Net Impact Club on corporate social responsibility set to take place in November 2015.

We want to thank all sponsoring Embassies, organizations and companies that supported the efforts of the students to showcase their national pride. 

Thank you to all attendants to the event, surely the success of this edition can only be surpassed by the success of next year ́s edition.

To view photos of the event, you can visit the IE Flickr page.






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6 thoughts on “IE Business School and its Net Impact Chapter Celebrate a Successful Global Village

  1. It look fun! And it seem like a custom party! Cool!

  2. The events have a lot of meaning that can be a tool to unite the differences of every part of the world which has often been a gap of conflict. The world expects that these activities continue to be made especially for the next generation to continue what is at the moment. Each country and the stakeholders should support this program as an activity which unites the difference in the world.
    Best all

  3. thank you very much .i truly love your blog .keep write more and more .^_^

  4. Great program for IE and for the world. Hope will meet other university to make other innovation where educational institutions became the foundation for change anything

  5. Support IE program and love to this great idea. Going on with your new creation to change the world.

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