By Adriano Adrianza

The Design Thinking week has given us a broad perspective of a new different approach to lead and manage innovation, change and adaptation when working on a project. This challenge is thrilling and exciting while working with very diverse people and a mindset of their own.

It is always pleasant to know that your ideas may contribute with growth and welfare to 5 companies, in this case museums, that are not well known by some and need a reconstruction from the most little detail to the widest.

I would like to share some of the processes we, Team 43 “El Grupete”, have been working during these days.

Mind-mapping helps a lot!

We were able to recognize some of the most significant trends in Google regarding the results for the SE of the 5 Museums. This step helped us to put our feet on the ground, and realizing the big challenge we had ahead when comparing big well-known museums as Prado, Louvre, MOMA, Reina Sofia with Sorolla, Cerralbo, Lazaro Galdiano, Artes Decorativas and Romanticismo.

Ok, now we need to go out and interview people. We know that not everybody is friendly when asking for a survey or a Q&A session. But, people helped a lot! We found out that people like going to museums that are not so crowded and are located in very peculiar neighborhoods around the city.

For that reason, we needed to focus on a target group, and we though it would be easier electing a person that likes art, culture, has money, and enjoys intimacy when visiting a museum (he want to forget about long lines and overcrowded places). Let me introduce you to Paco Fiore. a 60 year-old with three kids and a wife.

After knowing that we had to come with something good for implementing at the museums, we found which stakeholders are the most reliable and which are not.

As we can see, on the left are the positive and most helpful stakeholders for the museums, in the center are the museums, and in the right are the not-so-helpful stakeholders.

Ok, now it seems to be more clear, right? We have the stakeholders, how many times people google the museums, we know our target group, and we know how the stakeholders are connected to the museums. We need now to be specific! How do we bond all the stakeholders to the necessities of the museums? Let me show you…

This is, practically, the start of our business plan. How the stakeholders connect to the museums and the “give and take” between each other.

Now we have prepared a “before, during, and after” frame to identify the stages that Paco Fiore could have in mind when looking for something fun to do like… going to a museum!

Thanks to this process we can trace and imagine how Paco Fiore and his family finds the museum and visit it.

Because in every project things change, we have to just wait for it… A new challenge began: the Design Challenge Reframing.

We have to brainstorm again to we things clearer and a have a 360 view.

… And identify our strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats.

Having all this. We are just waiting to pitch our value proposition. Wish us luck!!!

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