by  Disa Pakpahan



What did you do before coming to IE?

Before coming to IE I was a graduate student at University of Florida. I graduated with a degree in Finance and I was working toward my masters. This past summer, before I started my IE experience, I interned as a financial analyst at Amazon.

Why did you choose IE?

There are a few different reasons on why I chose IE. I came here because of the great reputation IE has academically and the good reviews from the professors. To me, it was very important to become fluent in Spanish and that was another reason I came here. Lastly, because of the diversity. After some research I concluded that IE was very diverse and representative of many different countries. I chose to come here because of the different cultures and traditions that I was going to encounter and learn from.

If you could describe your experience in IE in 3 words, what would it be?

Diverse, inclusive and different

How has your experience been so far?

I have had a great experience at IE and I can say that I have grown professionally and personally. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to take ten different classes and learn from different professors. As far as personally, I met different people from different nationalities. I was able to learn from their cultures and their experiences. Finally, I was able to practice my Spanish skills.

Do you think IE personally helped you grow as an individual?

IE helped me grow as an individual. Working in groups and presenting in teams with people from different nationalities was challenging. However, learning how to work in groups improved my team working skills. Being able to participate during class was also important because it helped me with my fear of public speaking. Interacting with professors and peers from multiple nationalities helped me learn more about myself as a person. In addition, learning from different people’s experience helped  me learn more on what I want to do in the future.

Any goals or dreams for the future?

In the future I aim to work as a financial analyst in a corporate environment. I plan to work for a few years and start my MBA.