I started the MIM in September 2015 and I’ll be studying the Sales & Marketing specialization for my third and last term.
I am from Paris but my background is very international since I lived in Singapore for a year, in Atlanta for a year as well and I am now in Madrid for another year.

I really like being surrounded by people from different nationalities and discover other people’s cultures, which makes travelling one of my biggest passions. Living several years in different countries gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and meet many people around the world. 


Another of my hobbies is sport and there is not a day without me either working out, or going to the gym or for a run to El Retiro.I always need to be doing something and staying at home without doing anything is something I hate. As you can also see on the picture below I really love football and being in a city like Madrid is a great advantage for a football fan!