By Adriano Destro

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and each journey has a start and an end date.Defining last week in a post is hard, but one sentence is enough!
_Started as a group, ended up being a team_

This is my greatest satisfaction.
Corine, Denise, Sujay, Nicole, Nathanel, Felipe & Adriano, we were just random business school students meant to work together on a newly born and faded project.7 personas working together is better than 1, this is the lesson we learned. All the fights, complaints, doubts and give-ups of the week are part of the game, part of every work group, so HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF IT?
We decided to have one common goal, to come up with a prototype and a good pitch. No matter what!Our goal was neither becoming friends nor winning the challenge, nor waiting for the end of a boring project.Everyone was involved and brought his / her ideas to the table and challenged to make it a good idea, because there is no bad idea since there is a good argument to support it!

i2i adriano
Everyone was respected and when this has not happened, we have demonstrated the willingness to sweep away the issue and come up with either a solution or a compromise. We needed it to reach our goal!

We won! But there’s not the end of it, we are now pretending to be friend. Unconsciously we have built on our weaknesses a good working atmosphere and now we are aware that all our efforts towards a common goal were the right answer to our initial resistance to collaborate.
So besides learning the importance and the power of a Design Thinking Process and how to use its tools, I believe the
most important lesson we learnt is..
“You cannot unify everyone’s thoughts, but you can unify everyone through a common goal.”

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