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In China, we start our unique New Year in spring. For this year, Chinese New Year falls on February 8th, 2016.

To celebrate this monkey year, the IE China Club organized a special dinner on the Feb 5th in Zen Market, the most distinguished Chinese restaurant in Madrid. Zen Market serves typical Chinese cuisine and drinks and it is located above the Real Madrid soccer stadium.



With its special 11 courses meal, including soup, spring rolls, duck, chicken, beef, fish, pork, vegetables, rice, fruits and deserts, 200 students from IE cheered the joy of Monkey Year with champagne and wine.

After the enjoyment of great food and spirits, more surprises filled the night with full excitement. Las Rozas gave out five gift cards, each worth 100 euros. Right after the five winners, the HR director of Huawei Spain, Mr. Yingfan li drew three lucky numbers for special prices, including one free Huawei Phones P8 Lites and two Huawei wrists Talkbands B2.

And for the rest of the group, each participant received a 10% coupon ticket from Las Rozas Villages Chic Outlet Shopping Center.Surely the dinner was a huge success, and the 2016 Chinese Monkey Year was celebrated with love from IE Students all over the world. Here in IE Business School, all cultures are celebrated and we all intrinsically excited to learn more about the world starting from one of the most diversified student profiles in IE.


Zhiran Liu

MIM S4 2016