By Olivia Lu

IMG_1346MBAT is an annual sport tournament for MBA students across Europe hold by HEC Paris. Some Master students can participate under a certain percentage if they are chosen to represent for their school. There were 1500 participants, 17 business schools and 25 different kinds of sports this year. The tournament lasted for three days and three nights with three different parties.

IMG_1454The audition and enrollment were at the beginning of February. At first, I hesitated about participating since there were not so many people from MIM program and we had to pay quite an amount for participating fee.


As a MIM student, this was definitely a great chance to work with MBA students and to expand my networking. Throughout the tournament, we do not care about which program we come from, we are all from the IE family, cheering, sweating and competing together. The team spirit was the most important element for this event.

IMG_1323For the past few months, I have been working with my team every day after classes. The process of choosing songs, places, choreography wasn’t easy to reach agreements. However, we continue working as a team to represent IE. I believe that in IE, we all have different goals, however, for MBAT, we all have the same goal – to win the tournament as a team. The extra expense and time we dedicated paid off our results – gold medals for salsa team, male basketball team, rugby team, several silver and bronze medals for other sports and also the hottest athlete award!


This cherish moment marks one of the highlights in my MIM life. I am glad that I continued this MBAT journey with my salsa team and I am truly honored to represent on one of the IE teams.