By Inigo Vega, Jose Maria

Golden GateLast week, some students (including myself) visited San Francisco as part of the Global Immersion Week.

After a long trip on Friday we were in the valley with the weekend ahead. We had time to visit the city and enjoy our free time, including eating in nice restaurants.
During the week, we had the chance to attend conferences and visited some global companies such as Google, LinkedIn or Intel and we could also network with smaller companies and startups such as User Zoom or TokBox (which belongs to Telefonica). For example, at User Zoom we had the chance to talk with the CEO of the company Alfonso de la Nuez. He did an amazing pitch, where he explained the company changes during the last years and his expectatives for the future. We also saw the advantages of setting up a company in the valley, where if you have a great idea, you can access money from angel investors to continue with your business (as in their case).
Moreover, in order to complement this awesome week, on Friday we had the chance to visit Berkeley University and to attend a conference with one of the professors, Gregory LaBlanc, and we also attended a conference with Tom Byers professor at Stanford.

I would like to thank Rie and Ricardo for organising this trip where we had the chance to know better how these companies works and learn more about high technology markets and this special entrepreneurial spirit that take places in San Francisco.

San Francisco
This experience was one the best experiences that I could live at IE and I encourage future students to live this great experience.