By Pranotporn Srisittipoj and Riccardo Ziglioli

Each year, MIM students have the opportunity to experience the real-life corporate problems by using the basics of the so-called “Customer Centered Design mindset” or the more commonly known Design Thinking approach. The i2i Consulting lab is a 1-week project comprises of workshops, brain storming sessions with facilitators, fieldwork and client presentations by MIM students. This year, we had the pleasure to cooperate with prestigious companies such as P&G and Respiro (Madrid’s biggest car sharing company) as well as a chance to develop our own entrepreneurial idea.

Coincidentally, both of us chose to work in the P&G challenge. This challenge aimed to create a holistic consumer experience of cleaning, including the use of laundry and cleaning products that responds to the future demographics, lifestyle and technology.

Divided into 8 groups, we were introduced to a group of service design thinking facilitators who have worked alongside with us through the whole week. Each workshop was practical-oriented and we learned how to apply Design thinking approach to boost customers’ experience in the fast-paced innovative world.

After several workshops, we decided to focus on elder people and to come up with the list of questions to ask “Madrileños” about their laundry experiences. This procedure is called “Fact finding”. We shared some interesting facts from the market research experience with all the groups then we brainstormed within our own group what were the key findings. We then came up with the “Persona”, her experience journey with P&G products and her insights. From the insights, each of us came up with solutions to fulfill this Persona´s needs, de-clustered and created prototype from it. Finally we tested it with “Madrileños”. All these procedures were under guidance of a facilitator. We were lucky to have P&G representative from Brussels to give us some useful information from the company itself. Each time we tested the prototype, we developed it even further or just came up with new idea and new prototype.

12The whole process was designed for us to work under pressure, in addition we have time constraint of only a few days to find solution and develop it. This would definitely be useful in real world experience. On the last day, we presented our solution in the fair with all the teams. Then judges (Facilitators and P&G representatives) announced the best team who presented innovative solution with outstanding insights. We were proud to be involve in this consulting lab.

It was a great chance to work with experienced facilitators. We now understand why IE is really focusing on this working approach which has been ignored by many other business schools. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this simulation workshop. We would like to emphasize that this is a great opportunity for individuals to work, to grow and increase their network. Hence, we would surely encourage every MIM students to join this i2i consulting lab. We guarantee that the experience would definitely enrich you.