Guillermo Lalmolda, IE MIM 2016 student, will be joining HPE as a Sales Specialist, upon graduating in July 2016.

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How did you find about this job opportunity?

I discovered the job opportunity using Infojobs, one of the most popular job-searching tools in Spain.


How did the CMC and your IE experience help you during the recruiting process?

The most useful activity organized by the CMC was the Career Immersion Week, where the different workshops taught me how I should use IE Business School network to get insights and, the most important thing, how to successfully face job interviews, something we practiced by doing mock interviews and where I discovered many mistakes I was making in previous interviews which prevented me from showing the interviewers all my capabilities.
How was the recruiting process: stages, tests, interviews, etc?
I would say that the recruiting process was pretty straightforward:
CV screening and, if positive, they sent you an email to arrange a call.


  • In the first call I talked with a HR responsible.
  • I had the second interview with the Sales Manager.
  • Ultimately, I had a phone interview with a French Sales Manager.


Would you want to share any tips, advice with current student interested in applying to HPE?

First of all, find an industry where you want to work and be consistent in every aspect of your application. If you want to work for a firm like HPE, mention your passion for technology in your CV, Linkedin, cover letter, and in the interview too. Of course, you need to prove in some way why do you have this passion for technology by showing them any activity you did related to technologies, even if this activity was building your own computer. Do not lie, because if you pretend to be passionate about something you are not, you will end up performing a bad job and having a bad experience, wasting your time.


Secondly, I would recommend you to work in your personal brand using the different social networks and by preparing an appealing elevator speech. When the interviewer asks you the typical question “Tell me more about yourself”, it is much better to make them understand how you do in your everyday life and how you face challenges both as a person and as an employee rather than just reviewing all your CV. In my case, my philosophy of life is “Kaizen”, which means constant improvement in Japanese, through being auto critical and always looking for feedback, willing to receive improve a bit every day in order to become the best version of myself.

And the last but not the least, study in depth the mission, vision and values of the company, as well as the products you will be working with, and demonstrate how interested you are in their products and how well you know what they offer and how they differentiate from their competitors. Also, mentioning how well you know the market where HPE operates and who are their competitors is a plus.

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