By Mariana Prem

What have I done before?

During 2014, my last year of college, I began to work as an intern in the marketing department for Kimberly Clark Professional in Guatemala, because I was still a student at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, it was a challenge for me to handle both tasks at the same time; nevertheless, it was an experience that taught me the importance of time management. I then graduated with a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration with Specialization in Marketing, and one year later, I got promoted to business developer within the sales department in KCP.

Why IE?

IE is a prestigious business school that not only has high academic standards, but also challenges students to get out of their comfort zone in order to discover their potential. The entrepreneurial focus IE has, empowers students to development competencies that later become competitive advantages when starting a business or working for a company. The fact that IE is located in Madrid, gives international students exposure to other markets and business models.

Why MIM?

Deciding to apply for IE was not an easy decision for me because I was working for wonderful company that gave the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional. Nevertheless, the same working experience I had gave a sense of direction as to where I want to go and what tools I need, academically speaking, in order to become a success leader. Courses in the MIM are designed in a way that students are continuously involved in decision making processes; this serves as a training for the future when dealing with complex real life situations where people and money are involved.

What was the application/admission process like?

I would describe the application process as a very straight forward and organized system that allowed students to understand and upload the information required. Additionally, the support and service from the IE admissions committee was a key factor in the overall experience during this stage. The emails were answer the next day and doubts were resolved immediately, as a way to move forward with the application. The fact that IE has offices and coordinators in Latin American countries, also helped me when sending papers and transcripts without any additional cost. The attention I received really made feel part of the IE community before even arriving to Madrid.

What’s my impression after a few weeks?

My experience in Madrid and IE has been extraordinary so far, I have had the opportunity to learn from professors and classmates from all over the world and this has enriched my academic and professional knowledge impressively. The weekly presentations from guest speakers and companies on a variety of trending topics, has also allow me to learn from other leadership and managerial styles. I am definitely looking forward for this challenging and exciting stage of my professional and personal life.


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