As part of a new three-part series the Master in Management blog will introduce you to three former Language and Culture Assistants in Spain seeking to explore the world outside of the classroom.

Meet Hannah Loeb

Hometown: Sherman, Connecticut

University: University of Miami

Major: Business Administration

Age: 24

Years in Spain: 2.5 years

Intake: September 2016


  1. How do you think being an auxiliar helped you stand out during the selection process?

I believe that being an Auxiliar helped me stand out because of the international experience it provided me. It also showed that I am versatile, as I studied business in undergrad and then worked as an Auxiliar, two totally different areas. I think there were many other reasons that I stood out in the application process, but I do believe being an aux helped as well.

  1. What skills did you acquire while teaching contributed to your success as a student in the program?

Teaching as an auxiliar gave me many different skills that I’ve applied to my courses at IE. The first would definitely be working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Being the only American among my coworkers, there were definitely times when we faced differences in work ethics, language confusion, and just being on different pages. I feel that by having those experiences as an aux, I was very well prepared for the group work and class discussions at IE. Additionally, being flexible is a skill I learned from my time teaching. As a student at IE, with the amount of work we receive and the tasks provided to us it is crucial to be flexible. We need to think on our feet sometimes just like a teacher does in the classroom.

  1. What convinced you to choose IE?

After living in Madrid I felt that I didn’t want to leave the city. Of course, IE’s reputation as one of the best schools in the world was a major factor. I also was impressed by the depth of the interview and the interesting and out of the box questions I was asked. My interview, and seeing the modern campus were definitely major selling points.

  1. How would you compare this master with other masters your friends are doing back home?

Since it is not so common to studying business masters without a lot of experience, I don’t have many friends studying masters at business schools, so I can’t comment on the . However my friends in masters programs have all been surprised by how international IE’s program is, and how much I study. (haha)

  1. What are some of the most valuable lessons that you have learnt from the program and from living in Spain?

Wow, there are so many things I’ve learned from living in Spain. First off, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I think I’ve matured so much from graduating from UMiami. I have become much more self assured and I’ve found who I am. From the aux program, I learned a lot about working with people from different age groups (as my coworkers were much older) and from different countries. I have also learned to think on my feet like I never thought possible. Additionally, that you can’t take life too seriously, Spain has a totally different mindset about this, and its something not many Americans understand. “No pasa nada” means don’t worry about it, and although I’ve taken my work at IE seriously, its important to always enjoy life to the fullest, not stress out too much, and if all else fails have a cerveza and a tapa!

  1. Do you miss teaching?

There are some aspects of teaching that I really miss, especially my students, who I felt I had a big impact on their life. But, teaching isn’t my passion, and although I enjoyed my two years working in public schools, I’m excited to see what’s in store for me as a business woman after graduation in July.

  1. What are your plans after the master?

This is the million dollar question. I do not have a job lined up quite yet, but I am hoping to merge my passion for traveling and speaking Spanish with marketing and digital business. I’d love to be based out of NYC, but regularly work in Europe and South America! I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do, and I’m hopeful that my specialization process will solidify some of my thoughts!