Getting into the right MBA for your career has never been easier

Scoutedby is about having a Social Impact. Leveraging Big Data and Machine learning to create a Reverse Application system putting the student at the center of the process. Scoutedby analyses all the best MBA options to find the one that matches your career aspiration.”- Marie Vilaseca IE student, active advisor.

Matching individuals with the right MBA programs is at the heart of what scoutedby does. For those who are not looking at an MBA but at a Master’s instead, fear no more! We have some good news from our own Marie: scoutedby will soon start offering Master’s programs (September 2017)

Scoutedby’s CEO, Jonathan Deforge, is a seasoned business education insider and is driven by his passion “to change how individuals approach their career and therefore their education leveraging big data and technology”. With his team, they are building a platform that reinvents how you get into an MBA. Scoutedby has already gotten some excellent traction in both number of users and top MBA programs using the platform. “We are proud to say we helped students join MIT, IE, Insead and other incredible MBAs”.

Scoutedby helps you make the right decision for your career. Its reverse-application puts you at the center and let the schools approach you directly. It guarantees your anonymity until you accept an invitation to connect. In other words, scoutedby maximizes opportunities without compromising privacy. As Jonathan told us, “the key was to build a platform that would help schools and applicants engage easily while making it non intrusive”.

LUCY, scoutedby’s smart matching algorithm, is to be your best friend during your application process. She will help you define the best-suited programs for you ensuring a 90%+ match accuracy. Data is key. You can easily browse scoutedby’s centralized database to learn more about all the options available… for free. As Marie underlined it, “scoutedby creates infinite opportunities to satisfy one career: yours”.

Because of the transparency created between applicants and admissions team, scoutedby creates more scholarships opportunities. Applicants shall not go through laborious random research to get into an MBA. Instead schools should be able to make their best offer for the best talent.

As perfectly summarized by Marie, “Scoutedby will change Higher Education because it aims further. Our vision is that education and career should coincide. We have all dreamed of that, now it’s real”.