We are entrepreneurs. Episode 3: Ennomotive

IE Entrepreneurs is an IE Business School webshow featuring some of the 250+ startups which every year make up part of IE Business School ecosystem. Also included in the scheme are investors, programmers, public administrations, corporate partners and anyone enthusiastic about promoting entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship space, Area 31 can accommodate for up to 100 startup teams every year. It also hosts teams of IE students as they make their business ideas real in Venture Lab (IE’s Startup accelerator) or the Knowledge Incubator.

Discover Ennomotive, it is a start-up that brings an unique way to solve companies’ challenges in their operations through a community of global engineering.

21 thoughts on “We are entrepreneurs. Episode 3: Ennomotive.

  1. I also want to be a part of it someday. Hopefully sometime soon

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  6. I’d love to hear more about the VentureLAB and the students take on working with other startups

  7. Interesting blog you have. Excited to see how your partnerships with startups go.

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