We are entrepreneurs. Episode 5: Ezzing

IE Entrepreneurs is an IE Business School webshow featuring some of the 250+ startups which every year make up part of IE Business School ecosystem. Also included in the scheme are investors, programmers, public administrations, corporate partners and anyone enthusiastic about promoting entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship space, Area 31 can accommodate for up to 100 startup teams every year. It also hosts teams of IE students as they make their business ideas real in Venture Lab (IE’s Startup accelerator) or the Knowledge Incubator.


Ezzing offers a large amount of marketing and management tools to any solar power company: landing pages, CRM or even an impressive 3D simulator to check the power anyone could save by installing solar pannels on their roof.

10 thoughts on “We are entrepreneurs. Episode 5: Ezzing

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  2. Very interesting to have this information in something so current with a solar energy that looks like the future.

    Thanks for the information, I love this blog and know these starups to be up to date and learn about the evolution.


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  4. Great little video you have hear! Appreciate it and shared with our audience at Hotel St Gallen

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  9. Extremely practical to be able to have this information in something so rabidly current with a futuristic solar energy

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