We are entrepreneurs. Episode 7: Insstant Karma By Manuel Rincón Hércules

Discover Instant Karma, an unique digital platform which allows volunteers to find the jobs they want, and NGOs to find the people they need and the best way to leverage the right expertise and strongest interests.

IE Entrepreneurs is an IE Business School webshow featuring some of the 250+ startups which every year make up part of IE Business School ecosystem. Also included in the scheme are investors, programmers, public administrations, corporate partners and anyone enthusiastic about promoting entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship space, Area 31 can accommodate for up to 100 startup teams every year. It also hosts teams of IE students as they make their business ideas real in Venture Lab (IE’s Startup accelerator) or the Knowledge Incubator.

20 thoughts on “We are entrepreneurs. Episode 7: Instant Karma

  1. Love this! Our agency accepts a lot of volunteers but it is extremely difficult to find them in one certain place. Hotel Marketing Agency

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  4. This is a great platform idea to foster and promote entrepreneurship while building partnerships for the future. In Vancouver we have a growing startup ecosystem developing especially in blockchain technologies.

  5. A beautiful post, thanks for sharing, very illustrative about work and entrepreneurship, regards

  6. Entrepreneurship is a difficult task, with a lot of competition nowadays and few facilities on the part of the administrations that, instead of giving you a hand do the opposite, put obstacles in your way.

  7. Entrepreneurship requires a large dose of patience, eagerness to excel and is a complex task full of potholes.

  8. Difficult task entrepreneurship, nobody makes it easy in Spain, in many other countries that help entrepreneurs, empowering and helping economically.

  9. Entrepreneurship is a complex decision, it should not be taken lightly because, for whatever illusion you have in carrying out your project, success is not only that, it is perseverance, courage, overcoming oneself and difficulties, etc.

  10. I always say that who wants to undertake, olé, because you have to throw a couple of heavy stones, patience, a lot of energy and desire for self-improvement because it is not easy or make it easy

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