“Everything is possible” was the takeaway of the day at Women in Leadership Conference 2017 organized by the IE Women in Business Club. 5 hours of event, 6 main speakers, 5 companies, incredible personal experiences shared in the most honest way. To open the conference, Jolanta Golanowska, Director of IE Learning Innovation set the floor with a moving speech in which she encouraged women to stand up for gender equality values in the workplace:

“Make it your job to raise feminists. Speak up to your classmates and colleagues about gender equality. Inspire your colleagues to embrace feminism. Make them aware of their stereotyped assumptions about gender. Is it scary? Yes. Will they eventually say “I didn’t know you were that kind of girl.” Possibly. But you have a choice.”

The theme of the conference this year was “Empowering Women” and the speakers made sure to align their talks to this topic. For instance, attendees learned about the Project GIRA Women, from Ana Callol, Corporate Reputation Manager at Coca-Cola. Through this project, Coca-Cola Spain helps women between 23 and 55 years old develop skills and gain confidence in their ability to start their own business, allowing them to become independent and take charge of their own lives.

Other highlights of the conference were the inspirational talks about Personal Branding given by Nancy Villanueva García, Managing Director at Interbrand and How Communication Skills Can Empower You given by Cristina de Catalina, Communications Expert. They shared their personal experiences of their career journeys and how crucial self-empowerment was for them to get to where they are today.

Here are some of the golden pieces of advice they shared with us:

“Believe that you have the power to change the world. Tell yourself: I can. I will. End of story.” – Nancy Villanueva, Managing Director at Interbrand

“What is not communicated doesn’t exist. Therefore, build your personal brand and spread the word.” – Cristina de Catalina, Communications Expert

Attendees and participants had the opportunity to continue the conversation in a more relaxed environment during the cocktail that followed the conference. It was an unique opportunity to network with empowering women professionals and also with students from different master and MBA programs. In a nutshell, the Women in Leadership Conference 2017 brought together incredible women across different master programs and departments at IE and set the perfect environment for them to exchange their life and career experiences.

by Arthemis Siqueira
Current Master in Management Student, September Intake 2017

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