Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of IE Business School.

However, if you do not intend to become an entrepreneur why get involved, right? I thought so too, but I was wrong.

In the first couple of weeks at IE we had a talk with Paris de l’Etraz, managing director of the IE Venture Lab. He told us about the different projects taking place on campus to which we had the opportunity to get involved with. One of them really stood out to me: an education management start-up called Scoutedby. A start-up that is revolutionizing the application process for prospective MBA students by placing them in the center of the application process and letting schools approach them.

After the talk, I realized that getting involved with start-ups did not necessarily require personal entrepreneurial ambitions. Getting involved in a start-up venture was actually the best way for me to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is valued and at times required even in the corporate world.

So, I decided to volunteer as a collaborator for Scoutedby and I am here to tell you about my experience:


  • First things first

All the volunteer interns participated in a general meeting before choosing a team. For the first half of the meeting we were presented with an overall understanding of the industry, the business model, its value proposition, its organizational structure, the teams and the projects that were currently open to collaboration. In the second half of the meeting we all had the opportunity to have a Q&A session over Skype with the co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Deforge. It was a great opportunity to clear any doubts we had. In other words, in the span of an hour we were given one of the best real-world business lessons.

Soon after choosing the projects, we had a meeting with Marie Vilaseca, former MIM student, co-Founder and special adviser of the CEO. We received even more insights about the business and the industry and about how we could make the best out of the experience we were about to have. The talks were very inspirational and honest and it put everyone on the same page to work as a team towards a common goal.


  • Getting to work

As one of my goals before coming to IE was to sharpen my analytical skills, I chose to collaborate with the Data Analysis team. One of our first assignments was to gather relevant data to support the Marketing team with their content creation.


  • Evaluate. Adjust.

In the beginning of the year we gathered the different teams together to get an update on everyone’s work, expectations and opinions. By listening to the different perspectives of the teams and brainstorming new ideas, we decided to redistribute tasks for the following month in order to increase the quality of the outputs. Therefore, I started collaborating more actively with the Growth Hacking team.

In both our professional and personal lives it is common to lose sight of our objectives from time to time. Nevertheless, my experience at Scoutedby made me realize how crucial it is to constantly reassess plans of action to make sure that they are aligned with our initial goals. The reassessment of plans of action gives us the opportunity to identify distractions and reallocate resources in more effective ways.

I am proud to be a part of the Scoutedby team and a part of such a disruptive business that is changing the way Education Management works to the benefit of students all around the world. More about Scoutedby at www.scoutedby.com


By Arthemis Siqueira


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