Digital Business specialization at IE Business School:

As part of the program structure of the MIM program, students choose a specialization of their interest for their last term. I started the Digital Business specialization two weeks ago and I am here to tell you first-hand about my impressions so far.

Innovation, cutting-edge technology, digital transformation, big data, customer experience, artificial intelligence and internet of things are some of the concepts that we have been talking about on a daily basis. It is just as exciting as it is challenging, and I will tell you why.

When I say we are talking about these concepts, we are not simply discussing what they mean today. We are constantly debating about future scenarios in which they apply, which feels really uncomfortable at first. As human beings, we are used to learning from past experiences, but we have reached a point in history where looking back will only help us to a certain extent.

Throughout the 10 different courses of the specialization, we are invited to look ahead and project the endless possibilities for the future of business. The fact that our professors have relevant professional experiences adds value to the insightful debates we have in the classroom. They guide and encourage us to discuss while also making us realize that simply knowing the answer is not as important as asking good questions in this digital era.

However, one might wonder: “How is it possible to fully comprehend all the technologies and innovations that lie ahead for Digital Businesses?” It isn’t. And that is the beauty of it.

It is true that there is never enough time to analyse topics with the depth they require, however, by pinching on as many topics as possible, the professors give students the opportunity to dive into the concepts we feel more curious and excited about. Additionally, most professors are encouraging students to continue discussions outside the classroom by opening different online forums and by making themselves available to share additional sources of information in case anyone is interested in learning more.

In a nutshell, we are constantly being challenged to think critically about scenarios that we have no idea about and to feel comfortable about actively discussing about the unknown. As I said before, it is just as exciting as it is challenging and I love it. The future is coming at full speed and the question that remains is only one: what will we do about it?


By Arthemis Siqueira
current MIM student 


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