After a week of unusual rainy weather in Madrid, the sun showed up at last, on Friday the 1st of June to make the MIM Games 2018 more fun. The MIM Games is an event that brings MIM students together to have a good time while playing fun outdoor games with their teams. Not only that, it is also an opportunity to have a full day of nice conversations, good food & drinks and also a day to relax by the pool – after going for a nice swim!

The first part of the event were the fun outdoor games called “mini-Olympics”. They were basic but tricky games that demanded nothing but good teamwork to make them possible. The main intent of the mini-Olympics is for the teams to have fun together, but having a good competitive spirit certainly made the outdoor games more interesting.

The teams also competed in a costume contest. My team, for instance, was called “This is Sparta!” so we all came to the venue wearing a red cape. In general, the teams were very creative with their costumes and seeing everyone so committed to the event just made the atmosphere of more friendly and relaxed.

After the outdoor games were done, we were welcomed to a huge barbecue with beers and tinto de verano for everyone. Apart from the food being delicious, it was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and just focusing on having a good time with their friends. Finally, we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and sunbathing in the grass. It truly felt like instant vacation.

It is true that our study routine can be very intense, but the MIM Games were a good reminder that sometimes it is essential to take a break and connect with the unique people around you. It has definitely been added to my favorite-moment list of the program and for those who would like to have a special time, I could not recommend it more.


By Arthemis Siqueira
current MIM student 


MIM Games 2018 in Madrid - Best Moments