During our MIM program, students have the chance to enhance their learning experience through different initiatives to be in touch with multinational companies and top executives from all around the world. One of these initiatives is The Executive Insight Series (EIS), which allows students to learn from well-established business leaders about their careers and the challenges of their industries.


These conferences cover a variety of topics, from Chinese geopolitics to the future of mobile applications and branding strategies of multinational retailers. EIS offers students the opportunity to engage with top professionals and exchange ideas with them.


In this opportunity, we would like to promote the first EIS for the February 2019 intake. Today, we are happy to welcome Aline Gómez-Acebo, COO of Asisa Dental, to talk about What to know to succeed inside an organization.” In this session, students will learn how to apply psychological concepts and practical exercises to manage their career through the relationship with their bosses and peers, as well as taking the right steps to reach their professional goals.


Some other topics that have been covered over the last few months are: Customer Experience as a Key Driver for Profitability, The Pharmaceutical Industry and it´s Environment, How to Build a Venture Capital Firm, Knowledge Management: From Data to Cultural Evolution in Organizations, How to Be The Change: Entre/Intrapreneurship and many more.


We look forward to welcoming our guest speaker today and to be able to continue enjoying this great initiative.