At IE, we show our commitment with students by hosting multiple events and carrying out different activities to boost student’s professional careers and to guide them on their journey to enter the work field.

As part of our commitment, we provide impactful career advising, learning resources, and development tools that allow them to plan, manage and achieve their professional goals while we position them as the best talent among the corporate community.

As part of some of the upcoming IE, initiatives to accelerate students careers, we will host an event with  Bain & Co. Students who join will be part of a networking workshop-taking place in Barcelona. Bainworks is an opportunity to mix with some of the brightest peers in an action-packed setting that gives a taste of what it’s like to work for a top global consulting firm.

We also provide students with job postings through the IE career portal; by publishing dozens of new job offers from the most recent Talent Forum week.

Additionally, as part of Career Education & Advising, we provide exclusive workshops to prepare “hands-on” for successful career development, job search, and recruitment process.

To find more information about the entire list of initiatives and activities that we organize and conduct in terms of careers, we encourage you to click here.

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