By: Emanuel Pampagnin (IE Business School | Master in International Management).

I pleasantly attended, Monday May 20th 2019, IE´s Talent and Careers IE Spring Talent Forum. The 27 employers on display were pertaining to one of the following industries: Financial Services, Consulting, Marketing & Communications. I was excited to attend because I have a great interest in Financial Services as well as in Consulting therefore, I felt like it was a unique opportunity to meet HR managers and employees and ask about their work experience, their recommendations and the job openings in their firms.

I suggest to anyone who will attend in the future to IE’s Talent Forum to dress with a business attire or business casual dress-code, to bring along a dozen of printed CV it’s always useful to hand it to the recruiter when talking about yourself and most of the times they keep it, to bring also a backpack or bag to place the flyers, documents or booklets that the companies provide you (they might come in handful if you land a job interview!)

Furthermore, it’s been essential and incredibly useful to download beforehand an app called CareerFairPlus (available for iOS and Android), by selecting IE Business School it’s been possible to see all the employers available on-campus and for each employer you can explore the job openings. This simplifies the search of the right employer and saves you a great deal of time when shortlisting the companies you want to meet.

Finally, throughout the afternoon there are also company presentations, so if you are keen about a role within a specific company, it would be a great opportunity to attend the presentation.

I will now tell you about my journey today at IE Spring Talent Forum. Being interested in Consulting I had a talk with the managers of Roland Berger, Capgemini and Excellence Consulting. For what concerns financial services I met the recruiters of the European Investment Bank, Duff & Phelps, CACEIS Bank Luxembourg. All these talks were very friendly but professional; I learnt more about the firms and left my CV to them. I am sure that this will enable me to enter in some recruitment processes and hopefully land my dream job!