This upcoming, 27th – 28th and 29th of June will take place the first IE Global Innovation Challenge where seven top business schools are flying in to compete with our IE team. Participants will be able to celebrate this landmark event, which will include workshops, cocktails, team presentations, and networking lunches.

In this competition, current graduate students must work on a case where they will be required to apply strategic thinking and disruptive skills to come up with potential solutions and ideas to solve real business problems for businesses operating in today’s digital world.

This year our partner is SEPHORA, and the challenge for participants is to improve their customer experience through innovation and creativity.

IE will host top teams from business schools across the world to tackle issues faced in the retail industry and create a community of forward-thinking future leaders.

You can take a look at the video we share bellow and to the entire agenda by clicking here.

Good luck to all of the participants!