The food industry opens the doors to IE Alumni who are disrupting the sector.

From traditional Italian Trattorias to worldwide food delivery services, IE Alumni are revolutionizing the way we experience the food industry with innovative ventures across the world.

Just a stroll away from IE on Velazquez, born from the Michelin-starred recipes of Mtaini’s mother Caline Chaya, the teeny but cozy Lebanese street-food restaurant called Makan, attracts IE students with authentic Saj wraps, dips and salads originating from the very streets of Beirut. The owner, Alex Mtaini‘s, who is part of the MIM 2017 intake alumni body always dreamed about owning his own business, and he finally materialized it when he opened Makan, which he saw as a chance to showcase his mother’s family recipes. 

As Mtaini’s, many MIM students decided to follow this path and to start a journey on the food industry, putting in practice their entrepreneurial mindset and disruptive spirit.