Part accelerator, part angel investor, part very committed educational client, IE Rockets is the place where startups can develop their technological capabilities and brand through being immersed in the higher education sector. This initiative will help participants to penetrate the market, find potential investors to raise capital, and push their projects forward.

IE Rockets Acceleration is a residency program tailored to startup’s specific needs. Participants will work along with academics and the IE community for three months. The program will offer contestants guidance regarding a range of topics such as product development, street cred in the academic world, financial solutions, and acceleration of projects.

Additionally, different pilots will be offered. IE Rocket Pilots will help contestants startups to carry out trials with real users at IE, during a designated time period. Startups that join this program usually have a clear business model and product strategy, in which higher education is a target market. This initiative will give candidates the chance to run a relevant pilot at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, without spending months trying to find and access the right people.

We share a picture below with some of the startups that were able to grow and push their projects forward by taking advantage of this initiative.

For detailed information regarding this program, please take a look at this video or click here.