Tania pursued her MIM from IE in the year 2014-15. After her masters, she landed a job at Google UK as an Associate Account Strategist. She currently works as a Strategic Partner Manager at Youtube. 

How would you summarize your time as an IE Student?

My time at IE was very dynamic and rewarding. I cherish the memories and friendships I made that year. It has been a great experience living in Madrid and meeting people from very different backgrounds to my own.

How did you land this current opportunity (current position)?

I had been hunting for jobs for a few months during the MIM program. A fellow classmate gave me a good hint and pointed my attention to Google where I have been working in a couple of different roles on Google Ads and YouTube teams since graduation.

What challenges did you face?

I have been changing countries and lifestyles at quite a high pace which was exciting, but at the same time challenging and sometimes draining. I learned to navigate a lot of ambiguity, communicate with different kinds of people, take risks and not be afraid to shoot for the stars.

In what way did the IE experience help you to be a part of this company?

IE has been the first place that immersed me into a multicultural environment at such a scale. Studying and communicating day to day with peers from over 50 nationalities broadened my perspectives, crashed cultural stereotypes and taught me a lot about collaboration. Having such experience helped me to adapt to a global company.

What motivated you? What’s next in store for you, in terms of career?

Back in the days, I simply wanted to find a decent international role to kick off my career given it is challenging for non-EU graduates to get offers in the EU. But I always hoped to work on a product that positively impacts millions of lives. I am grateful for where I am today and excited for future opportunities to come.

Any advice for current students?

Try to make the most out of your MIM time and make sure you enjoy it. Take your chance to get to know more your peers closer and stay in touch in the long term and now, even if you are facing the challenge of a lockdown. At the end of the day, people are what makes this year unforgettable and life-changing.

Any inputs/suggestions for students who are applying to IE?

Show your authentic self and strive for an unconventional future!

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