Back in 2017, three alumni from IE´s Master in Management created a project about online psychological therapy named ifeel – It started as a class project, driven by personal need and a recognition of a lack of services. Today, it’s a successful startup that operates in 30 different countries, and the application is available in 130.

Looking at other markets, such as the USA and Netherlands, the group concluded there was a solid basis for the effectiveness of online therapy. In Spain, there wasn´t anything like it. They saw a gap in the market for convenient and accessible therapy.

With the ifeel app, customers can organize psychological consultations through chat or videocall. With the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, they made the decision to start a solidarity initiative and give their contribution to society during this crisis, granting free access to the platform to those who need it. Demand has increased by 70%.

The most commonly requests forms of therapy are couples therapy and help with anxiety. They have also closed deals with companies in the pharmaceutical, education, and technology sectors that want to offer such services to their employees.

“I think online medical services will see a boost because people are coming to realize that it is very useful for quick consultations, and it opens up more space in hospitals for more serious cases,” explains Martin Villanueva, one of the founders.

Learn more about their story and their project here (article in Spanish).