Since her graduation from IE, Marisa Mathes has been working for almost three years now at LinkedIn, with four promotions. Here, she shares her thoughts on her time at IE and how IE helped her land her dream job.

How would you summarize your time as an IE student?

IE was a life-changing experience in so many aspects, but I would like to focus on the three most impactful aspects:

International environment: The international composition of your class allows you to acquire a true global mindset and understand the advantages and challenges different countries and cultures hold. The experiences you have and the situations you are facing when working with a truly global group of people help you immensely in any workplace or situation in your life that involves other nationalities as you are already familiar with their customs, cultures and behaviors.

Education: You get the opportunity to learn from true experts in their field who not only teach you theory, but also show you how to apply models in real-life situations. Many of the topics I learned at IE became the new norm in my professional life only a few years after I had first heard about them in class.

The people: Many of the friends I made during this time have become family. The network and relationships you build are what really matter at the end of the day. The people you meet come from all around the globe, they are smart, driven, and successful, and they will challenge you in a way that allows you to become a better version of yourself.

How did you land this opportunity at LinkedIn?         

IE is one of the top schools that technology companies hire from, as all IE programs have a strong focus on preparing students for the challenges of the future. I completed a course on LinkedIn Learning about how to draft your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters reach out to you. A few days later, LinkedIn itself reached out to me via InMail asking me to apply for their Business Leadership Program.

What motivated you to work at this company?

After being exposed in class to theories about how new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will impact businesses worldwide, I was keen to work for a big company that plays an important role in the global economy. I became friends with people from other IE programs such as Big Data and Analytics, and they often invited me to their discussions about how technology will change the world. This is when I started researching, and eventually I came to the conclusion that I wanted a career in tech.

What’s your current role? And what is the next step in your professional career?

Currently, I am a Senior Regional Account Manager for Linkedin’s Global Accounts.  I partner with the largest and fastest-growing global organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to optimize workforce planning, recruiting, and employer branding strategies. I am immensely grateful for where I am today, and I am excited to further contribute to a vision that creates economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

What would you like to say to potential candidates that look up to you?

Always stay true to yourself. You can achieve almost anything by having clear goals, determination, and the right network. These are all things IE will teach you. So make the most out of your time in Madrid and enjoy it to the fullest. It is an unforgettable year that will fly by faster than you expect.

What challenges have you faced?

Moving to live and work in a different country can be challenging, especially at the beginning. You need to establish new friendships, a new daily routine, and adapt to the local culture. In life, especially in the work environment, you might have to make decisions that require you to make sacrifices. Always remember that you grow the most when you are out of your comfort zone.

How did your experience at IE help you become part of your company?

Classes at IE sparked my interest in the world of technology. They shaped my decision to work in the internet industry. The friends I made helped me grow personally, and from a knowledge point of view, to be ready for a fast-changing, high- pressure, international workplace built by forward-thinkers.

Are you still connected to students or faculty that you met during your time at IE? If so, how, and what does that mean to you?

I am connected to most of my previous classmates. I have attended two weddings since graduation, and I see my closest friends on a regular basis despite living in different countries. The people I met at IE changed my life, and I know they are a network I can always count on.

Any advice for current students?

Believe in yourself and strive for your goals! Embrace this unique year at IE. You will never forget the times in Madrid. The learnings and the network will guide your decisions all your life.

And for those looking for jobs?

  • If you already have your dream job in mind, look at the skills that are required for this opportunity and start acquiring these skills to qualify for this role. Then, reach out to people who work in this role or in the company. Most professionals are more than happy to help someone with their career start.
  • If you don’t really know where to go, focus on a few pillars: Location, industry, the type of work/classes you enjoy, and the type of company you prefer (startup, small- or medium-sized, or big corporation). These categories will narrow down your choices. Then, leverage your network. Connect with people you know or find on LinkedIn and ask them for their help, advice, or a referral. If they are IE alumni, it’s even easier. If you are looking to work for LinkedIn in particular, just reach out, I am more than happy to help.

Take a look at Marisa´s LinkedIn profile here.