Handcrafted to fit the needs of today’s constantly changing business world, our new Strategic Management track is like no other. Combining business, strategy and data science, this track provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how to efficiently manage a successful company.

Students are hand-selected based on their previous qualifications, making the program more enriching for participants. And with the added bonus of gaining international and business experience, choosing this track will help you gain that competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

This track has a few noticeable differences from the others: first, we require a competitive GMAT or GRE score and a quantitative background as part of the admissions process. Second, this track included an enhanced preprogram and a separated core period that focuses on quantitative methods, Excel, math, and finance skills, as well as a career orientation. Finally, in this track there is a required abroad experience during the third semester, giving students the chance to expand their horizons beyond IE.

From the end of the second term up until graduation, you will be expected to brainstorm, research and ultimately manage a project using tools, insights and knowledge acquired from your studies. Once completed, this project will culminate in a strategy capstone.

Some potential career paths for students in this track include: Analyst / Business Analyst, Business & Technology Integration Analyst, Associate Consultant / Consultant, and more.

Learn more and apply here. You can also contact us to be considered for this track if you have already been accepted to IE. For this first launch, if you do not have a GMAT or GRE score, you can still apply and in exceptional circumstances you may be assessed.