Meet Jessica Goldman, IT Security Consulting Analyst at Accenture and IE Business School Master in Management Graduate.


Tell us about yourself, your academic experiences, and current role.

I studied a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt.

During my bachelor’s, I did several internships in Marketing & Communications at Deutsche Bahn, Ogilvy, and BMW, where I enjoyed the creative aspects of my job. My interest in technology sparked while working at BMW when I joined a department that was incorporating new technologies in the area of Marketing advertising. I became fascinated by new technologies, and that is when I applied to Accenture. I left a good impression, and they asked me to join the company with a full-time job, which I did after my Master in Management at IE.

I’m currently working at Accenture as an IT Security Analyst. My current role is quite technical, but my previous position wasn’t, for example. In IT consulting, you are often between the client and the developer, and therefore, you need to be able to speak both languages. I enjoy my job, and I feel very proud to work in IT security consulting.

What mindset should younger generations have nowadays towards their careers?

To not be afraid of trying new professional opportunities. Sometimes in life, we miss excellent opportunities just because we think we don’t have enough knowledge or experience, but learning by doing is the best way.

How does it feel to be a woman working in IT?

At Accenture, they have many initiatives for women that blend very naturally with the company culture. I have to say that I mainly work with women both inside the company and from the client’s side. It is becoming standard that women are in management positions in IT consulting. I believe inclusion and equality should be supported but never forced.

How do you achieve a good work-life balance?

Reaching a good work-life balance depends a lot on your colleagues, since every person in the team should find a compromise to help each other. That is why I find it essential to talk openly about things with your peers and managers. In my professional experiences, I had both male and female managers that were very supportive of my working hours and personal life. Work-life balance is not about gender; it is about being human.

Tell us about your experience at IE.

My time at IE was the best year of my life. I got to meet people from all types of backgrounds, nationalities, and interests. In the beginning, I found working in teams challenging, but it was a great learning experience. In consulting now, I can really see how teamwork projects at IE helped me to learn how to work better in teams.

What advice would you give to women who want to succeed in the workplace?

Be confident and be proud of yourself. Also, talk to people with more experience than you and ask them about their personal and professional paths. You can learn a lot from hearing other people’s stories.

What advice would you give to students that are about to start the program?

Try to network as much as possible and take part in IE events. Connect with your peers not only from the MIM but also outside your class. The people at IE are the most valuable asset you are going to take from your experience. I still talk to most of my friends from IE daily, and I’m very grateful for the relationships we formed.

What are the things you would like to accomplish in the next year?

I think consulting is a great place to start your career since you can set a good base. I still see myself working at Accenture in the mid-term. However, I would also like to explore new things in the future. My goals for the next year are to continue learning and growing.